Avada Kedavra.
just another sad kid in this fucked up world. || I do not promote any kind of self harm.
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Would losing me even be a loss?
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  • gives you flashbacks of traumatic events
  • sends you into an agonizing panic attack
  • makes your heart skip beats from sheer terror

it does not

  • mildly offend you
  • make you feel uncomfortable
  • gross you out
  • make you angry

are we fucking done…

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Because some days I’m just a sad, shy, lethargic sloth with no backbone, but also I want to talk to someone? 

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BOLD what applies to you:


I am 5’4 or shorter.
I have many scars.
I tan easily.
I wish my hair was a different color.
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
I have a tattoo.
I am self-conscious about my appearance.
I have/I’ve had/I…


the fucking worst is when people are like “you hate people for having a different opinion than you!!!!” like im not shitting on this guy because he thinks pistachio ice cream is gross im shitting on him because he actually believes that i and people like me dont deserve basic human rights and respect and safety

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double major in overthinking and worry, minor in night crying 

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me:what are taxes and how do I pay them?
school system:worry not
school system:mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
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